Заједница средњеевропских техничких музеја
22-24. август 2016. године

Годишњи МУТ скуп
22 - 24 August 2016
у Музеју науке и технике
Annual MUT Meeting

Annual MUT Meeting will take place at the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade

Topic subjects of MUT conference:

I. National context of artifacts preserved in collections of science and technology museums?

Do technical museums preserve collections which can be considered as national? Having in mind industrial development in this part of Europe, can we make distinction between national and worldwide science development? Are there any historical technical objects preserved in collections of science and technology museums which are truly and specifically national heritage? Can we consider scientists or industrials whose legacy is preserved in MUT museums national figures or we should see them in broader perspective?

II. Concept of the new museology in science and technology museums?

What are challenges of preserving technical collections and differences compared to other types of cultural and historical artifacts? Can we say that museology as a science is multidisciplinary enough to be adequate for describing, preserving, conservation and exhibiting of all different technical objects, movable and immovable? Are museum curators scientists who establish postulate of the new museology? Can curators contribute to development of contemporary museology procedures and practice, as well as theoretical museology issues?

The person, who will be responsible for all questions, is Anja Radaković: anja.radakovic@muzejnt.rs.

Поводом обележавања 120 година од свечаног отварања Сипског канала, најважнијег хидрограђевинског објекта изграђеног током 19. века у ђердапском сектору Дунава, Музеј науке и технике у Београду организује научни скуп:


27-28. септембра 2016. године

у Музеју науке и технике у Београду

Пријављена су 22 реферата и 26 учесника. Теме обухватају период од 1. века н. е., када римски инжењери и римска војска улажу велике напоре да омогуће несметану низводну и узводну пловидбу Дунавом, до постизања коначног и трајног решења за сигурну пловидбу изградњом хидроенергетског и пловидбеног система Ђердап I 1969. године.

Током трајања научног скупа, у просторијама Музеја науке и технике у Београду биће представљен материјал из Збирке речног бродарства у вези са прокопавањем Сипског канала, његовим свечаним отварањем 27. септембра 1896. године и каснијим коришћењем.

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On the occasion of 120th Anniversary of the solemn opening of the Sip Channel, the most important hydro civil engineering object built during 19th century in the Djerdap zone of Danube, the Museum of Science and Technology organizes the Scientific Conference


September 27-28, 2016

in the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade

The program consists of 22 papers while 26 participants applied for the Conference. Topics cover the period from the 1st century A.D. when Roman engineers and army make great efforts to enable a smooth downstream and upstream navigation on the Danube until the final and permanent solution - Hydropower and Navigation system Djerdap I was constructed in 1969.

During the scientific Conference, the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade will present material from the Collection of River Shipping related to Sip Channel drilling, its opening ceremony on 27 September 1896 and following exploitation.

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