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7th – 13th of September, 2009
CIMUSET – International Committee of Museums of Science and Technology
Theme of the Conference:
Dream Your Museum …


Welcome to the 37th CIMUSET Conference in Serbia in September 2009. Thе main theme, divided into four sub-topics, is chosen as an effort to resolve the problems of development of S/T Museums in contemporary society. We invite you to contribute to the Conference by participating with your papers as well as in debates and discussions.
  1. Integrating Science - Technology - Culture
    To what extent is S/T heritage today integrated to cultural heritage in general? What is the role of technology museums in technology age? Does the function of museum and collection policy change/redefine in technology age, and if so, in what way? How contemporary revolutions in science and technology affect the evolution of museums?
  1. Museum Space
    A space is not only a physical space of the museum with it’s environment, museum buildings, whether projected for the museum, adapted or reconstructed, but also a wide cultural space of industrial heritage, cultural heritage protected in situ or outside of museum collections, as well as cooperation with educational, scientific, governmental or private institutions.
  1. Exhibiting of S/T Heritage
    Considering the universal nature of scientific discoveries and technological inventions, to what extent exhibitions of S/T museums can or should differ in various countries and cultural regions? What is the role of historical and social context in exhibiting of such material? What makes the S/T object “authentic”? What is the part of multimedia and interactivity in such a context?
  1. … and Make the Dream Come True
    What did (or would) you do to improve your collection, permanent display, organization of space and activities, building, your museum?