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The publishing activity of the Museum of Science and Technology is the last step in the process of protection of cultural heritage. It synthesizes a long and complex process by publishing the results of documentary, expert, scientific, conservatory, restoration and program work. In addition, publishing has the aim of both stimulating and following scientific and research work in the area of the history of science and technology. It also improves awareness of the necessity of cultural heritage preservation, and popularizes certain areas of cultural life. The Museum’s main publishing products are expert-scientific and expert-informative publications and magazines.

Библиографија издања Музеја науке и технике 1990–2005 = Bibliography Museum of Science and Technology 1990–2005 / [аутор Верица Микача]. – Београд : Музеј науке и технике, 2006 (Београд : Inpress). – 61стр. : илустр. ; 25 cm

Део текста упоредо на српском и енглеском језику. – Тираж 500. – Стр. 4-6: Издања Музеја науке и технике / Саша Шепец. – Регистри.

ISBN 86-82977-28-1

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Slobodanka Šibalić

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Mirjana Babić


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• Technical Heritage at the Universities in Serbia, Zora Atanackovic
Edition: Projects of the Museum of Science and Technology 

• A Guide to the Museums of the Association of Scientific-Technological Musums of Serbia, new edition
• Flogiston br.18