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Museum exhibits and the documentation about them are unique and inseparable records. In the case that an original museum item ceases to physically exist, documentation about it replaces it completely. Therefore, work on documentation is mandatory as a professional and scientific verification of a cultural asset. 

After arriving in the Museum, items are registered in the Entry Registry. They are then sorted into collections in inventory books, and data on them is inscribed in curators’ files. After professional processing, the items go to the photo service (phototheque) where pictures are taken. 

Through Museum documentation, an item is tracked from field registering, acquisition in the museum collection, professional and scientific processing, conservation and restoration, and on, until it is placed in storage, permanent exhibition, or another location. 

The MST introduced standards of traditional documentation for technology museums and collections - as well as for classification of items from the fields of science and technology - according to the regulations of international MDA (Museum Documentation Association) standards, Cambridge, United Kingdom. 

Besides traditional documentation, the Museum of Science and Technology also maintains digital documentation using the program MNT Net. MNT Net keeps this and much other information in its database and facilitates the use and accessibility of information using keyword cross-searches.