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Collections of the Architecture Department

  Collections of the Architecture Department


Gathering the legacies of the most important Serbian builders of the 19th and 20th centuries was a priority for the Architecture Department, and so the Collections of the Architecture Department were established. They contain over ten thousand projects by architects Milan Zloković, Nikola Dobrović, Branislav Kojić, Dragiša Brašovan, Aleksandar Deroko, Bogdan and Nikola Nestorović, Branko Tanazević, Milorad Ruvidić, Momir Korunović, Miladin Prljević, Dragomir Tadić, Zoran Petrović, Nada and Ratomir Bogojević, Bogdan Ignjatović, Mihajlo Mitrović, Nada and Ratomira Bogojević, Stanko Kliska, Božidar Petrović, Dragoljub Momčilović, Milorad Macura, Draginja Petković-Petrović, and Dragoljub Vukšić. Also included are projects by important Russian architects that significantly contributed to development in our country between the two World Wars: Nikola Krasnov, Grigoriy Samoylov, Petar Anagnosti, Vasily Androsov, Georgy Kovaliewsky, Aleksei Vasiliev, Aleksandar Čelpanbajev, Leonid Makšejev, and others.

In addition to blueprints and projects, the Collections of the Architecture Department are comprised of sketches, drafts, models and photos of blueprints. There is also archive material, competition explanations, material from books and periodicals, memoirs of architects or their contemporaries, personal items, and so on.

The aforementioned legacies are significant because they represent a valuable and essential resource for the study of the work of Serbian architects and their contribution to the development of building in Serbia.


Бранислав Којић- макета стамбене зграде у Призренској улици, 1933Милан Злоковић, Вила Драгуљуба Штерића у улици Генерала Штурма 4, Београд,1932-33; оригинална макетаНиколај Краснов, пројекат за намештај за стари двор на Дедињу, 1929.

Branislav Kojić
Scale model, or maquette, of residential building in Prizrenska Street in Belgrade, 1933

Milan Zloković
Original scale-model of the villa of Draguljub Šterić in General Šturm Street 4 in Belgrade,1932-33

Nikolai Krasnov
Furniture project for the Old Court in Dedinje, 1929.


Момир Коруновић, Пројекат за Соколски дом у Београду, 1928.Бранко Таназевић, Телефонска централа, Косовска 47, Београд, 1905 – 1906; пројекат доградње спратаБогдан Несторовић и Александар Дероко, скица за Храм Св. Саве у Београду,1931.

Momir Korunović
Project for Soko Organization house in Belgrade, 1928

Branko Tanazević
Telephone central, Kosovska Street 47 in Belgrade, 1905 – 1906; project for the new floor

Bogdan Nestorović and Aleksandar Deroko
Sketch for St. Sava Temple in Belgrade, 1931


Милан Злоковић, Палата „Албанија“, конкурсни пројекат, Београд, 1938.Милан Злоковић,Универзитетска дечје клинике у Тиршовој улици, Београд,1933;

Milan Zloković
Albania Palace, competition project, Belgrade, 1938. (not realized)

Milan Zloković
Scale model of University Children’s Clinic in Tiršova Street in Belgrade, 1933

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Curator: Marina Đurđević
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   Info contact

Curator: Snežana Toševa
tel: 3037 854